Damp Proofing Specialists
in North Finchley and Finchley

domestic customers and commercial clients

Residents and businesses in North Finchley and Finchley can consider themselves lucky. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have one of the region’s leading damp proofing companies practically on their doorstep. At Olympic Preservation Ltd, we have been assisting our valued customers in the area since 2013. Whether you are suffering from wet rot and dry rot, penetrating damp, mould, condensation, or rising damp, you can depend on us to conduct a full damp survey and deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

Professional Damp Proofing

in North Finchley and Finchley

As your local damp proofing specialists, we have much to offer our North Finchley and Finchley customers. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Damp Proofing

We offer a variety of damp proofing services to our customers in North Finchley and Finchley. From damp proof course injections into the brickwork to damp proof membranes across concrete floors, our damp surveys will find the ideal solution for your property. These can help defend against penetrating damp and rising damp alike.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is caused by moisture being drawn up into your walls through the porous brickwork and timbers – a process known as capillary action. This normally affects ground floor rooms and is easily remedied by the application of a damp proof course injection. Like other forms of damp, it needs to be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage. All rising damp work carried out by Olympic Preservation Ltd is covered by our 20 year guarantee.

Wet Rot and Dry Rot

To eliminate wet rot and dry rot from your home or business premises, we first need to identify the cause of the damp conditions in which they flourish. These fungal infestations can be extremely destructive to masonry, woodwork, and plaster and care needs to be taken to remove them while preventing them from spreading. We guarantee any work we carry out for 10 years.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is also included in our damp surveys. It refers to the larvae of several wood-boring insects found in homes across North Finchley and Finchley. While the outwards signs of an infestation are little more than minute holes in the wood, beneath the surface they are doing untold damage. We use effective chemical insecticides to kill off the adult insects and larvae alike and guarantee our work for 10 years.

Structural Water Proofing

Underground areas like basements and cellars often suffer from penetrating damp thanks to their earth retaining walls. At Olympic Preservation Ltd, we provide a range of structural water proofing solutions to eliminate this problem. From waterproof concrete barriers to internal drainage systems, we always find the right solution to meet your property’s specific needs. We offer a 10 year guarantee on all structural water proofing work we undertake.

Damp Contractors in Finchley and North Finchley

Whether you’re engaged on a construction project or responsible for a portfolio of domestic or commercial properties, Olympic Preservation Ltd is here to help. We offer an extensive range of damp contractor services to our clients in Finchley and North Finchley, from damp surveys and treatments to structural waterproofing and more.


Condensation is an everyday occurrence in most properties, the result of warm, humid air meeting with cold walls and windows. If your home or business is particularly susceptible to the problem, you may require professional assistance. This can take the form of anti-condensation paints or the installation of a powerful ventilation system to rid your property of excess moisture. PIV (or Positive Input Ventilation) systems are an excellent way to reduce the risk of condensation in private homes.

Damp Surveys

Before we are able to treat your property in North Finchley or Finchley for damp, we recommend a full damp survey performed by our team of experts. The reason for this is simple: evidence of damp in one part of a house strongly implies other instances of damp elsewhere. Only by conducting a damp survey can we determine the full extent of the problem. Our damp survey specialists can conduct pre-paid damp surveys from £70 to £200.