Damp Proofing Specialists
in Hendon

domestic customers and commercial clients

Since 2013, the team at Olympic Preservation Ltd has provided domestic customers and commercial clients throughout Hendon with quality damp proofing solutions. From structural water proofing of basements and cellars to woodworm and timber treatments, we help eradicate a variety of environmental conditions. These include wet rot and dry rot, rising damp, mould, penetrating damp, and more.

Professional Damp Proofing

in Hendon

As your local damp proofing specialists, we have much to offer our Hendon customers. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is a way of protecting your property from water ingress, the most common methods being a damp proof course injection and a damp proof membrane. While the methods differ in their application, the principle is the same: they insert a waterproof barrier above the water table to prevent penetrating damp through the walls or floor. We perform an initial damp survey to determine the best solution for you.

Rising Damp

soil through porous brickwork and timbers. It is easy enough to remedy, usually by the application of a damp proof course injection directly into the brickwork. This is a process we have conducted hundreds of times in buildings throughout Hendon.

Wet Rot and Dry Rot

Wet rot and dry rot are also picked up by our damp surveys, being caused by a variety of fungus that thrive in damp conditions and which can cause serious damage to woodwork and masonry alike. Removing the rot is a two-part job. First, we need to deal with the cause of the damp. Only then can we eradicate the rot itself, repairing or replacing any damage.  We guarantee any work we carry out for 10 years.

Woodworm Treatment

There are several species of wood-boring beetles that fall under the catch-all term of woodworm. All of them can cause significant damage to your floorboards and timbers if left unchecked. At Olympic Preservation Ltd, we use effective chemical timber treatments in properties across Hendon to eradicate all such insects, repairing or replacing any timbers that have suffered extensive damage. This is covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Structural Water Proofing

Structural water proofing refers to underground areas such as basements, cellars, and tunnels. These are places that have earth retaining walls that allow water ingress as a consequence of penetrating damp. There are several possible solutions to this problem and our structural water proofing experts will recommend the one best suited to your property based on the findings of our damp survey.

Rendering and Plastering

Once we have dealt with your damp problems, your walls may require some remedial action, both inside and out. We deal with all rendering and plastering, carefully removing any damage from the affected area before replacing it. We use quality plaster and render to leave a smooth and flawless finish, ready to be painted or papered.


If your Hendon property is susceptible to condensation, there are several ways in which the Olympic Preservation Ltd team can help. These include anything from anti-condensation paints and unblocking your air vents, to installing new and efficient ventilation systems across the home or business premises. One such system is Positive Input Ventilation (or PIV), which forces out humid air in favour of clean, filtered air. Our condensation experts will conduct a damp survey to determine the best solution.

Damp Surveys

Here at Olympic Preservation Ltd, we recommend a full damp survey before we begin any treatment. While there may well be evidence of rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, or rot easily visible, this does not mean the rest of the property is damp-free. A full damp survey gives us a better idea of the steps we need to take when damp-proofing your property. Our damp survey specialists can conduct pre-paid damp surveys from £70 to £140.