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Damp Proofing Specialists
in Cricklewood

domestic customers and commercial clients

Since we began trading back in 2013, Olympic Preservation Ltd has been assisting the people of Cricklewood with all of their damp proofing needs. We handle a broad variety of problems that affect both domestic properties and commercial premises alike and which we identify through a detailed damp survey. These conditions include water ingress and rising damp, condensation and mould, wet rot and dry rot, penetrating damp and more. We also deal with woodworm and other timber conditions. We provide an extensive range of damp and timber treatments, including damp proofing, structural water proofing, rendering, and plastering, and more. Whatever you need to protect your property from environmental damage, get in touch with Olympic Preservation Ltd today.

Professional Damp Proofing

in Cricklewood

As your local damp proofing specialists, we have much to offer our Cricklewood customers. Here is a few of our more popular services…

Damp Proofing

There are several methods of damp proofing that are effective against penetrating damp, rising damp, and other forms of moisture transmission. We have years of experience fitting damp proof membranes and applying damp proof course injections, both of which are effective ways to prevent further damage from damp. We perform a detailed initial damp survey to determine the best solution.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is a common condition found in damp surveys of many older buildings across Cricklewood. It is caused by capillary action – that is, by water being drawn up from the ground through porous brickwork, mortar, and timbers. Rising damp leaves a distinctive tide mark on affected walls. With proper treatment, it can be easily remedied and restored to its original condition. All rising damp work carried out by Olympic Preservation Ltd is covered by our 20 year guarantee.

Wet Rot and Dry Rot

Wet rot and dry rot are highly destructive conditions that damage plaster, woodwork, and masonry alike. Usually occurring as a result of water ingress, it is important to identify the source of damp and mould, as well as removing the rot itself. We provide a fast and effective wet rot and dry rot removal service for customers across Cricklewood. Our work is covered by a 10 year guarantee.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm doesn’t just refer to a single species of pest, but whole range of wood-boring beetles common to the UK. These insects make holes in your timber, into which they lay their eggs. The resulting larvae then chew on the wood as they mature, weakening it. Fortunately, we have a range of chemical solutions to treat any insect infestations which is covered by our 10 year guarantee.

Structural Water Proofing

Structural water proofing is normally applied to underground areas, or those with earth-retaining walls. Our damp surveys usually locate these in basements and cellars in domestic properties, as well as underground car parks and similar facilities at commercial workplaces. The process prevents water leaching into your property through contact with the natural earth on the other side of its walls. We offer 10 year guarantees on all structural water proofing work we undertake.

Damp Contractors in Cricklewood

We are experienced damp contractors, providing assistance on an ongoing basis to property management companies, developers, private landlords, and more. Whether you need us to perform regular checks on your existing portfolio of properties or install damp-proof courses on a new-build project, we are here to help.


Condensation is a common complaint in many Cricklewood homes. Caused by water vapour in the air coming into contact with cold windows and walls, in certain circumstances it can result in black mould or fungal infestations. There are several ways to treat it, including fitting a new ventilation system to eradicate the humid air, or using an anti-condensation paint. One of our most popular solutions is the fitting of a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system to force out stale and humid air.

Damp Surveys

There are many indicators of damp that might manifest themselves in your Cricklewood property. Often these are symptomatic of a more generalised damp problem across the home. By performing a full damp survey, we can identify other instances of damp as well as their respective causes. More importantly, we can put together an effective damp treatment plan.  Our damp survey specialists can conduct pre-paid damp surveys from £70 to £200.