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Condensation is the name given to the forming of water droplets on walls and windows from moisture held in the air. It is caused by warm, humid air coming into contact with cold walls and windows. The sudden change in temperature transforms the water vapour into its liquid state. It is an unavoidable phenomenon, as day-to-day tasks like cooking, showering, and even breathing release water vapour into the surrounding air. In well-ventilated properties, it is normally not an issue. Where there is a particularly humid environment, the condensation can settle, resulting in black mould and fungus forming.

From our office in Borehamwood, Olympic Preservation Ltd travels across Hertfordshire and North London providing effective condensation solutions. We cover a 15-mile radius, taking in Barnet, Borehamwood, Cricklewood, Edgware, Finchley, Hendon, North Finchley, and beyond.

Professional Condensation Solutions

in North London and Hertfordshire

As your local condensation specialists, we have much to offer our customers in North London, Hertfordshire, and beyond.

Here is what you can expect from us…

Detailed Condensation and Damp Survey

Condensation does not affect all areas of your property to the same extent. Certain rooms, like the kitchen and bathroom, are more susceptible than others. At Olympic Preservation Ltd, our condensation experts will perform a full damp survey for you, identifying the key areas for concern around your home or business premises. From here, we can recommend the best solution.

Anti-condensation Paint

The easiest way to prevent condensation damage in your property is to apply anti-condensation paint to the affected walls. This specially-formulated paint creates a thermal barrier that prevents water moisture from forming on the walls, inhibiting unsightly black mould and fungal growth. As well as protecting against condensation, the paint also prevents warm air from escaping the property.

Ventilation Solutions

Improving the ventilation to your property is an effective way to prevent condensation as the humid air escapes before being able to settle on your walls and ceiling. At Olympic Preservation Ltd we can help with unblocking existing air vents as well as installing positive pressure and heat recovery ventilation units to remove the warm air quickly and efficiently.

An end-to-end Rising Damp Solution

When you hire Olympic Preservation Ltd to handle your condensation concerns, we don’t just eliminate the condensation itself. Our team of damp specialists also deal with any damage it has caused to your walls. We can remove any black mould or fungus and repair damaged plaster beneath, restoring it to its former, pristine condition.

Positive Input Ventilation

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to eliminate the risk of condensation in your home, a Positive Ventilation (or PIV) system might be the ideal solution. These easy-to-install and simple-to-operate devices draw in clean air which is then filtered and diffused into your home from ceiling level. This process creates a gentle cushion of air pressure that forces out pollutants and stale air from the home, reducing the humidity accordingly. Speak to one of our condensation experts today to find out how PIV can benefit your home.

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There are plenty of reasons to choose Olympic Preservation to deal with condensation problems in North London and Hertfordshire. Here are some of the more common ones, based on extensive feedback from our former and existing clients…

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